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At Baba Au Rum, we are known for our carefully selected variety of quality and premium spirits, with rum on the spot. Be prepared to taste unique flavours that will travel you through the history of cocktail and its different cultures. We discovered the history of the cocktail that began in early 19th century. We made our own story and shared it with you. Now, inspired by the Avant Garde movement, we bring to you a radicalised intention; a tradition in transition that urges us to constantly undulate into the future!

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Our extensive expertise in promoting companies into a variety of industry-leading trade shows. Also promote brands through product competitions and product awards. Our existing trade shows or new market segments differentiate from the competition. We help companies exceed their goals and objectives capturing greater market share. We do an effective job at creating solid strategic alliances with the top companies and industries associations.

The companies Baba Au Rum and Confexpo Ltd join their forces to promote rum as the spirit that anyone can enjoy. The 1st Athens Rum Festival is just around the corner. Will be participating the best brand names in the market, there will be many parallel events and many surprises for the visitors of the event. Stay tuned with us …

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