Rum promoter and author Robert A. Burr established a panel of experts to evaluate fine rums. Their collective expertise is unrivaled in the spirits world.

These noted experts on cane spirits are often invited to appraise new rum products and judge spirits at international rum tasting competitions. Their combined experience spans many dozens of countries and hundreds of brands.

They are the hosts of the world’s finest rum festivals, noted authors, lecturers, trainers, historians, journalists, consultants, collectors, proprietors, mixologists and promoters of rum.

As a team, they offer uniquely credible and comprehensive evaluations of rum products for consumers and professionals.

The annual RumXP Tasting Competition at the Miami Rum Festival is among the most prestigious events of its type in the world, bringing together a host of experienced rum judges from around the globe to evaluate the finest cane spirits from every region, every style and every category of rum.

In addition to the International Rum Expert Panel, the Consumer Rum Jury, comprised of serious rum enthusiast consumers, also engage in a strictly organized blind tasting competition to evaluate some of the best rums available on the market.



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