Events schedule of the year 2016. We will be announcing the 2017 schedule of events soon.


SUNDAY 6 November

13.00:  Nikos Arvanitis – Rum and New Categorization

Categorization and a new approach according to the traditional production mode.

Nikos Arvanitis works as a bartender since 2006. Rum is his passion. Based in Barbados he has been visited 15 islands of the topical zone and more than 30 distilleries.

14.00: Peter Holland – The World of Rum

A view in defence of the average rum drinker!

Peter Holland is the founder of the infamous rum blog “The Foating Rum Shack.” He is walking, talking example of what happens when your hobby gets the better of you. Aiming to spread to good name of rum, in any way he can!

15.00:  Zacapa Rum as an Aperitif or Digestive: The Dining Beyond Borders By Alexis Simonidis (World Class competition winner ‘16, Greece)

16.00:  Appleton Estate 21 years Old. A rare tasting, with Martin Cate, founder of the famous Smuggler’s Cove Rum bar, San Fransisco.

17.00:  Michael Mattersberger – Albert Michler Distillery & Rum Warehouse

Characteristics and tasting approach of the company’s rums.  Meet some new, unknown  in Greek market exciting rums!.

18.00:  Thanos Prunarus & Valhrona Chocolates Matching

Rum & Chocolate matching.  Two best friends!

Thanos is a member of the International Rum Experts and also founder, owner and bartender at Baba Au Rum bar. (World’s50 Best Bars)

19.00: The World Of rum: A Discovery of Saint Lucia’s and Martinique Heritage through Tastings and Cocktail Tips using Traditional and Agricole Rhum.

 Phillip Gillier is the export manager for rhum Clement and St. Lucia Distillers rums.


MONDAY 7 November

13.00:  Super Relativity: Zacapa Rum and Time By Vasilis Kyritsis (The Clumsies – World’s 50 Best Bars)

Vassilis is founder, co owner and head bartender at the Clumsies bar. He was the Greek winner of the World Class competition in 2012

14.00: Martin & Rebecca Cate presents their new book:  Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum and the Cult of Tiki

Two legends of the worlds tiki culture and their new book. Get in touch with them and buy the book! Book is available for first time in Greece.

Martin Cate is the founder of the legendary American tiki bar “Smuggler’s Cove” in San Fransisco, a bar that is awarded continuously for many years as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars! Is also awarded as the best Tiki bar in USA.

15.00: Bacardi Legacy Competition – You get to decide the legacy that you leave

Gn Chan (Bacardi Legacy Global Winner ’16) & Konstantinos Kapniaris

To Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Global Competition, is a world famous cocktail competition that every year gathers the best bartenders from around the globe! The challenge is simple and unique: Create a new classic cocktail!

16.00   Doorlys Rums

From the coral island of Barbados the Singe Blended Rums of Doorly’s is here! Characteristics and tasting approach from Nikos Arvanitis a man who lives between Athens and Barbados

 17.00: Mount Gay rumsAndreas Matthidis

Characteristics and tasting approach from the Greek Sommeliers Association, chairman and one of the most important spirit and wine consultants in our country

18.00: Rhum Agricole – Benoit Bail & Jerry Gitany –Rum Embassy – The Agricole Tour                                                                                                                

What is Rhum Agricole; Is a rum type made with sugarcane instead of molasses, in the French West Indies aKa Martinique, Guadeloupe etc.The two guys tell you its history, how it’s made, it’s rules and make you taste the difference. From two men who knows Rhum!

Jerry Gitany was born in the city of Saint-Pierre, in Martinique. His grandfather was director of the Saint-James distillery back then and his oncle accountant of the Depaz distillery on the same island. Today, he’s co-creator of the website RumGazette.

Benoit Bail’s first contact with a distillery goes back to 2008, in Cap Vert, on the island of Santo Antão. He became a rum enthusiast since and travelled to the French Caribbean several times after this to explore and learn more about it, until he founded his own fruit flavored rum brand in Luxembourg, in 2013. Next to this, he also founded the facebook group “La Confrérie du Rhum”, which became the biggest rum forum on the internet a couple of years later with 17000 members.

19.00: Μaria Loca, Rum & Cachaca Bar, Paris & Maca Spiced Rum – Michael Landart.  Maca Spiced Rum or how to create a brand.

Michael Landart: Owner of Maria Loca Rum, Cachaça & Cocktail Bar in Paris/ Co-founder of the Old Fashioned Week/ Founder of Maca Spiced Rum/Brand Consultant. Michael will talk about how you create a brand after being a bar owner and his approach of what should be a Spiced Rum.

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