The Avant Garde Cocktail Menu

Its name speaks for itself, as Baba au Rum is a place where rum-enthusiasts – as well as newcomers to the honey-hued spirit – can meet or discover over 250 rum labels, many of which are not to be found anywhere else in Europe. This sophisticated  bar opened on a small pedestrian street in the […]

RumXP: The International Rum Expert Panel

Rum promoter and author Robert A. Burr established a panel of experts to evaluate fine rums. Their collective expertise is unrivaled in the spirits world. These noted experts on cane spirits are often invited to appraise new rum products and judge spirits at international rum tasting competitions. Their combined experience spans many dozens of countries […]

The World’s 50 Best Selling Cocktails

We’ve polled the World’s 50 Best Bars to find their 50 best-selling classic cocktails. W50BB editor Hamish Smith counts down from 50 to 1.  We started with a question. “What cocktails do they make most at the World’s 50 Best Bars?” This is not easy to answer – we’re talking about thousands of drinks varying […]

The World of Independent Bottlings

The rum world is a confusing one. When you first get into rum or begin a “Rum Journey” as many say, the rum world is veryconfusing. After trying a few different styles/brands you’ll start digging around stores and the Internet for new experiences. You will begin noticing strange bottlings by companies that seem to go […]

Rhum Agricole – Hèritiers Madkaud from Martinique

As always when I go to rumfests and try out rums I`ve never tried before I find something that sparks my attention and interest and the rums from Hèritiers Madkaud is one. They are not only very good rhum agricoles they also have an interesting story and I think they deserve to be more known. I`d recommend anyone interested […]

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